Astronomy Starter Kit For Your Kids

Astronomy Starter Kit For Your Kids

Astronomy is a fascinating hobby. With astronomy telescopes, not only do you partake in science, but you also have a fun time also. It is truly a life long passion, and a good telescope can help you get many happy years in the subject. As you read this article, you will discover more about what you need to get started in this segment on the right foot.

Put Together An Astronomy Starter Kit

Astronomy Starter Kit For Your Kids
Astronomy Starter Kit For Your Kids

There can be nothing better for your kids than having their own astronomy kit. And, you can put together the best kit. Check out how to do it.

What You Need To Get Started In Astronomy:

  • Star atlas
  • An astronomy telescope
  • Practical astronomy book (recommended)
  • Notebook (optional)

Star Atlas

A star atlas is a map. And to go anywhere you need a map. The heavens are too big, to simply point and hope! It requires knowing some things, where things are, etc. And a star atlas allows you to find where they are in the heavens.

Though a star atlas is not absolutely essential, I have to say, that without it, finding objects is so much more difficult. One way or another you need some form of a star atlas, though this can always be conducted with certain specific software, and even on some websites.

An Astronomy Telescope

Astronomy telescopes are the biggest part of the subject. The telescopes are scientific instruments. As a scientific instrument, telescopes work by gathering light. You see, your eyes can only gather so much light. A telescope works by gathering more light, and focusing it in such a way, that you can see a much bigger image!

Getting started in astronomy begins with buying your first telescope. To buy your first telescope, you will need to find telescopes for sale. There are not that many telescopes stores, so you may have to travel to buy a telescope. It is a good idea to look online, as big savings can be made online, and finding what you need is possible.

Budgeting $200-$500 can result in a good Meade telescope, Orion telescope, or Celestron telescope, all equally great manufacturers of telescopes. This telescope also could last many years, so it is more of an investment.

Practical Astronomy Book

When I got started in astronomy, I purchased my first proper telescope and didn’t invest in a good practical book. Now I highly recommend books such as Turn Left At Orion. It is recommended by all astronomers and is a great way to learn how to use telescopes to navigate the heavens.


I strongly suggest getting a notebook just for your findings. This can be a great place to draw what you find through your telescope, and also any other information about the subject. The result is that you can look back and see Jupiter’s changes, Saturn’s inclination, etc.

Astronomy Is Great Hobby For Your Kids

Astronomy Starter Kit For Your Kids
Astronomy Starter Kit For Your Kids

This is one of the best hobbies your kids can have. Creating a kit is the best way to make sure to get their interest to the peak. So, gift your kids something that is not just fun but also educational.

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