Moon: Some Amazing Facts You Did Not Know


The moon is one of the most beautiful astronomical creations by God. Though it is known as the natural satellite of Earth, it also has some amazing facts that make is popular and famous among astronomers around the world.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the most surprising facts about the celestial body. You may be surprised by reading them because you might come across something new. For starters, did you know that the natural satellite is more than 3000 kilometers in diameter?

It is not very huge when compared to the Earth, but the natural satellite is quite significant when compared to other moons.

Moon: Some Amazing Facts You Did Not Know
Moon: Some Amazing Facts You Did Not Know

The Full Moon And New Moon

The new moon and the full moon are two different phases that take place during the movement of the Earth, sun, and the moon. What happens is that the moon, sun, and the Earth are in a straight line.

Behind the moon, the sun shines, and only a part of the celestial body is visible. During the full moon, the sun lightens up the moon that is towards us. Hence, we can see the entire object of desire.

You would also want to know that the natural satellite is more than 3,00,000 kilometers from Earth. It can be 5,00,000 or more, but you never actually see because it is not exact.

However, if you ask somebody out of the blue, the distance from Earth and the moon, you most probably won’t get an answer.

Moon: Some Amazing Facts You Did Not Know
Moon: Some Amazing Facts You Did Not Know

The Westward Motion Of The Moon

When you follow the celestial body when it completed the new moon phase, then you will see that is shifts position the next day. Similarly, when you wait for 60 minutes approximately, you will understand how the motion of this celestial body works because it would have shifted elsewhere.

It happens because the Earth has rotated around the star and one whole night has passed by. Hence, the exact position is not there. According to data, in a span of 20 days approximately, the celestial body shifts its position.

You will not find it in the same place. As the earth moves, you may not be able to find the star in the same place where you saw it after the new moon phase. This is known as the Westward motion of the celestial body.

We often take it for granted gazing at it once in a while. However, when you walk on the road and ask somebody where the celestial body exactly is, he may not be able to tell you. That is because he would have thought that the natural satellite is always up there in the sky to look at.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. During the natural satellite period, we cannot see the beautiful object at all because it covered by the sun.


The above were some amazing facts about the celestial body that we would want to share with your family and friends. The celestial body can be a fascinating and enchanting object of desire, to say the least.

You would want to do yourself a favor and develop some interest in finding out more about this natural satellite and its wonders. You will be surprised at how many facts and figures are there for you to read about.