NASA: International Space Station


An orbiting laboratory and a construction site, the International Space Station consolidates the skills of the scientists of 16 different nations. This is done to maintain a permanent outpost of the humans in space. Therefore, read about NASA.

NASA: International Space Station
NASA: International Space Station

Since November 2000, the space station, that floats about 240 miles above the surface of the Earth, has hosted a rotating crew on an international level. The US space shuttles carry the astronauts and supplies. The astronauts that reach this aboard facility live and work in orbit for a period of six months.

Discoveries Of Nasa

The astronauts, by spending some time in the orbit, give answers to how the humans may live and work in space. The crews have learned to survive the hardships in getting a proper diet and having adequate sleep when they are attached to a non-floating object.

The crew also has a suite of experiments. Astronauts are required to exercise for two hours daily. This is to counteract the harmful impact of low gravity on their bodies’ circulatory and skeleton system.

Construction Of Nasa Work In Progress

The space station is under construction since November 1998. In 1998, the Russian Proton rocket was launched with the Zarya Control Module, the first piece of its structure. The two billion dollar science lab named Columbus was added in 2008. This enhanced the structure of the station to eight rooms.

Docking Ports

Varieties of spacecraft can now visit the space station due to the existence of docking ports. The Quest Airlock allows access to frequent spacewalks, which are essential to the ongoing construction of the facility.


Another important feature of this space station is Canadarm2. It is a Canadian-built apparatus that has a large and remote-controlled space arm. This space arm acts as a crane and can be used for performing a variety of functions.

NASA: International Space Station
NASA: International Space Station

Business Can Now Promote Commercial Activities On Space Station

NASA has now allowed tourists and businesses access to the Space Station in order to promote commercial activities.NASA, in an announcement on June 2019, has set forth rules for potential marketers and wealthy adventurers to spend a month on board, living in the orbiting laboratory.

Till date, only a sizeable number of private visitors have paved their way to the space station. All of them used the Russian spacecraft.

Both the traditional as well the US startup space companies are trying to gain an advantage of the concept of public-private partnerships.

Space Adventures Inc. is a US company which was the first to act as a mediator to arrange for first trips of the tourists to space. In response to this move of NASA, it has declared to arrange visits to the space station through the use of either Boeing-built or Russian spacecraft.

According to NASA, the motive behind this announcement is to create a space-based economy in the lower orbits of space. In the long run, it hopes that spacecraft, including the space station, shall be operated mainly by private entities. Therefore read about the Nasa and you will surely have fun.