Glow In The Dark Stickers Moonlight


Made from PVC and it doesn’t fade easily
Ideal gift for little kids, friends or family members
With 30 minutes of light absorption, it will light 4-6 hours
Available Sizes to choose from: 20CM, 12CM, 5CM (Diameter)
Package includes 1 luminous moon sticker depending on the size of choice

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Glow In The Dark Stickers Moonlight

We all want nice and pretty glow in the dark stickers for our bedroom. Especially if we have kids at home, they want something that will glow in the dark. Some kids when they sleep alone in their bedroom, they don’t want to put out the light when they are off to bed. Most of them are afraid of the dark. Not only kids but some adults too don’t like dark rooms or places. Some can’t even fall asleep if there’s no light in their room. We need glow in the dark stickers for our bedroom so that every time we turn off the lights, at least we can see something glowing that can guide us, and help us not to trip into something. Discover this luminous moon home decor that is perfect for you and your kids.

3D Luminous Moon Wall Sticker

This luminous moon wall sticker will be your favorite. Everyone love glow in the dark stickers. It can help you see through the dark. Plus, it can also prevent you from tripping. You can put the glow in the dark stickers anywhere you want. Either you place it in your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom. Your kid will surely love this 3D wall sticker.

It Is Easy To Use

If you love astronomy, then this home decor is great for you! It would light 4 to 6 hours if it absorbed light in 30 minutes. It means while your view is on, the wall sticker is also absorbing light from it. So when you are using the light for about 30 minutes, the luminous moon can light 4 to 6 hours because of it. The bright moon home decor will add spice to your room. Just imagine having your moon inside your bedroom. Indeed a sight to behold while it lulls you off to sleep.


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