Telescope Portable Night Monocular

$99.80 $59.61

A telescope good for beginners or amateur observers
Magnifies at 90x and makes use of a filter when the moon is very bright
Use it for night time when observing stars or during the day when you want to see more of nature
Made of aluminum that makes it lightweight and portable
Length: 15.75 inches/ Tripod height: 14.96 inches/Diameter: 1.97 inches
Package Contents: 1 x Telescope tube/2 x eyepieces/1 x 90 Degree Zenith Mirror/1 x tripod/1 x 1.5X Erect Eyepiece


Telescope Portable Night Monocular 

The telescope is a popular device for those who are into astronomy. It is also for those who just like to get a closer look at the stars at night. The Telescope Portable Night Monocular is best for beginners like kids and teens who are interested in the subject of outer space and stars.

Good Quality For The Budding Scientist

Observing the sky at night is the work of professionals who take time to understand heavenly bodies. They work at an observatory and make use of a giant telescope that can see for thousands of miles past the earth’s atmosphere. This telescope is a tiny fraction of that but still a good starter for those who like stargazing. Your child will spend hours looking into the skies awaiting discovery to his eyes. This refraction telescope has a 50 mm diameter that gives you a wide angle to be able to see a big patch of an area. It is configurable to two different eyepiece ratios and has a multiplying mirror at 1.5x.

Not Just For Night Time

Not only can you use this telescope to observe the night sky, but it is also just as good in the daytime when you can watch birds and animals at a distance. You can enjoy nature this way as well. It is made of a lightweight aluminum body, making it portable. With film optics that cover its eyepiece in full, you can experience a sharpness and brightness to enjoy the images you see fully. It also includes a filter when the moon is very bright. The size doesn’t take so much space so that you can make it wherever you go. It has a focal length of 15.75 inches and magnifies objects at 90x larger. The eyepieces are at H6mm and H20mm, and the tripod goes up to 14.96 inches in height.


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