Reflector Telescopes: Advantages And Disadvantages

Reflector Telescope Advantage And Disadvantage

The use of reflector telescopes is to see distant objects by magnifying them. The absorption or reflection of electromagnetic radiation from the object is what enables it to be magnified.

The reflector telescope is the first physical telescope made by using glass lenses. This telescope uses glass lenses and mirror to gather and focus light. All celestial objects which are far away from our planet are captured with the help of a telescope.

All the light rays coming from these objects reach the Earth as a parallel ray.

The telescope is an important instrument for studying astronomy and terrestrial activities.

When the refracting telescope was invented, it took about more than a decade before the reflecting telescope was completed.

But now, there are several types of telescopes available in the market which leaves young scientists and hobbyists worry-free when it comes to their exploration.

Reflector Telescope Advantage And Disadvantage
Reflector Telescope Advantage And Disadvantage

Advantages Of Reflector Telescopes

  1. This telescope does not have any chromatic aberration issue.
  2. Reflector telescopes are cheaper than other telescopes.
  3. In this type of telescope, the light reflects off the objective and not through it. So you only need to perfect one side of the telescope’s objective lenses.

Disadvantages Of Reflector Telescopes

  1. Optics can easily misalign
  2. It needs frequent cleaning.
  3. A secondary mirror in this telescope redirects the light, which leads to diffraction effects.


The two most famous reflector telescopes are 5-meter Hae Telescope at Palomar Observatory. The second one is 10-meter Keck Telescope W.M. Keck Observatory.

Hae telescope used to be the largest telescope. In 1976, a larger telescope built. Unfortunately, the required specification was not met.

Year later, the telescope was finally perfected. This telescope was better known as the 10-meter Keck Telescope in 1993.

Reflector Telescope Advantage And Disadvantage
Reflector Telescope Advantage And Disadvantage
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