Refracting Telescope: Then And Now


People have so much curiosity about the universe that they keep on asking questions and go on finding answers. As it says in the movies, a story without a happy ending to the story, is still incomplete. Likewise, the story of the universe is also unfinished. It is going to take years and years before we can get all the answers.

Back in the time, not everybody earns so much that they could get a telescope home. Some people didn’t even what it was for.

And even the ones who did hear a thing or two about the telescope thought that it was only a simple apparatus for viewing things.

It was only when educated people started using the telescope that the masses realized its true powers.

Refracting Telescope Objectivity And Working
Refracting Telescope Objectivity And Working

Refracting Telescope Then & Now

Our grandparents were the ones who were able to witness the discovery of the telescope. You might even remember them telling you all about how the telescope provided fun and intellectual enjoyment for people.

Because of this, some people think that they already know everything that there is to know about the universe.

But if you think about it carefully, you will realize that there are more things to learn.

In the movies, you’ll often see the male main character wooing a woman by showing her the stars through a telescope.

However, the primary objective of the telescope is to find out the position of the stars. These days, there are already a ton of apparatuses that can be used in exploring the universe. Scientists only take out the telescope when there is some kind of cosmic event.

Refracting Telescope Objectivity And Working
Refracting Telescope Objectivity And Working


Some examples of cosmic events are lunar and solar eclipses. Despite the wonderful contribution of the telescope to the world, you will rarely find anyone these days using a telescope since there are already a ton of advancement equipment that have been developed.