Solar System: Few Surprising Facts About Our System

Few Surprising Facts About Our Solar System

The solar system has always been a complicated topic if you go back to your childhood. Probably you were wondering what your science teacher was trying to explain to you. Luckily, you managed then, and due to curiosity, have come here.

We will try and help you out by providing you with some fantastic facts about the system that is surrounding us. The first surprising fact that you would want to know is Mercury is not the hottest planet in the system.

Solar System: Amazing Facts To Know

Though it is the closest to the sun, it is natural that we all assume it to be hot. That is not the case because Mercury does not have an atmosphere. Venus being further from the sun has a blanket of carbon dioxide that allows the heat to enter freely.

You would be stunned to know that the temperature on Venus is not less than 400 degrees Celcius. Did you know that planet Pluto is smaller than America? The United States of America is more than 5000 kilometer in diameter.

Few Surprising Facts About Our Solar System
Few Surprising Facts About Our Solar System

But, Pluto is only 2000 kilometer in diameter. Hence, it is known as the drawf planet. In some cases, some scientist does not consider Pluto as part of the system. That is because it is very far away from all the action.

Unfortunately, those impressions remain in many of us. On our planet Earth, most of the substance and elements found are rare. The air, magnesium, silicon, and calcium cannot found in other planets.

All Celestial Bodies Have Their Own Moons

As you know, the earth’s moon is none other than the moon. It is a natural satellite. However, even small celestial bodies have moons. Most of them have them due to the gravitational control during the orbit.

Venus and Mercury do not have moons. Mars, for that matter, has smaller moons. But, with advanced technology, the scientist is discovering more and more moons of these celestial bodies. This is just amazing to know.

Lastly, you would want to know that we are part of the sun. That is correct. Unlike what we have been thinking all this while, the sun is a massive ball of solar mass that is more than 150 million kilometers away.

The proof of that is when we witness the Southern and Northern lights that occur periodically. It said that auroras could seen from other planets like Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn. The heliosphere, the outer solar atmosphere is 16 billion kilometers.

Few Surprising Facts About Our Solar System
Few Surprising Facts About Our Solar System

In Summary

The solar system is a vast mass of planets, stars, and other forms of elements roaming in there. You do not have to be a scientist to develop and take an interest in them. Reading the above facts are sufficient to push you to realize what is there.

As always, you can make use of the internet to develop your interest in learning more about the solar system. Even scientist are baffled, and it takes the best of the best to understand what is happening out there.

While most of the data are not accurate, it is with the help of using the latest equipment, the best minds, and the right calculation that they come up with the facts.

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