Star: A Heavenly Body With Its Own Gravity


We all know that the small thing that shines in the sky is the star. In childhood, parents tell us so many stories about the stars. A star is a mystery in the dark sky. You must be wondering why it is like a small dot. Well, the researchers are still finding answers to your questions. The fact that the star is so away from earth in the sky we love looking at it. Every couple dreams of having a candlelight dinner under the star lite sky. It is the most romantic set up any date of proposal. Movies are filled up with such setup and scenes. And such views are people’s favorite, so people watch it repetitively

Star A Heavenly Body With Own Gravity
Star A Heavenly Body With Own Gravity

A starry sky on a no moon night is like a cascade of beauty flow from the heavens. The atmosphere is like a land of peace, where many unexplained things have no dwelling. The dwelling has no proof but has some reference from the satellite picture that is there in the universe. Universe has some much store in it that you can never all about it. There is so much that people are always trying to find out about the planets and stars. But they hardly get a pinch of salt from the ocean kind of information.

Star And Its Existences

The researchers are trying very hard to fetch facts about the unknown things in the world. Every year you will see satellite going in the space to find out information about stars and the heavenly bodies. Sun, the most significant celestial body also has many unknown hidden facts. But it is impossible to go to the sun. The tremendous heat and high temperature of the star keep all the planet away from it. But there is no life without the sun and its bright light, which is a source of life. It is so ironical that something that can take your life is even vital for your life. But it is the universally accepted truth that there is no life without the sun. It is the biggest star in the universe and the only natural source of light.

Star A Heavenly Body With Own Gravity
Star A Heavenly Body With Own Gravity

You can put things together and the information from everywhere together but still you will not know how the sun is so vital for life. The moon has it light from the sun that all the books and facts say. But how does it get that light is still a question. Like nature, the same way space is a bundle of a mystery. The deep you go in it the perplex you get. But your curiosity will never die because it is such an exciting topic.


Star has the gravity that holds it up in the sky. When you look in the air, you lens every second gives you a new direction to the stars. And that is because of the refraction index of star from the earth. The images that are formed in your eyes is correct but keeps re-positioning.

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