Telescopes Are The Window To The Universe


Telescopes are a source of wonder for most kids. Once you gift a child a basic telescope you open a world of wonder for her. Modern telescopes used by amateurs are powerful enough to allow you to witness celestial events. You might have had the opportunity to watch a solar eclipse, or a lunar eclipse, or the red moon and so on and so forth. Hence, a curious child will be intrigued by this array of celestial phenomenon.

Telescopes Are The Window To The Universe
Telescopes Are The Window To The Universe

Why Gift A Child Telescopes?

Telescopes are the perfect gift for an older child of maybe 10-14 years. It is that time of life when a child is curious about new things and wants to explore. Space is a realm that intrigues most children. They have read stories in childhood about stars and the sky and the sun in fables. Thus, this is the right age to introduce them to the real Universe.
Let them set the telescopes on the terrace or in the backyard. Clear nights are best to point out constellations, planets and other celestial bodies. There are so many astrological wonders and happenings that are visible through a small telescope. Introduce your child to the beauty of the Universe. Moreover, it is a good idea to get him hooked to stargazing. It will fire her imagination and curiosity. They learn that there is whole new Universe out there. It might also teach them to research on celestial bodies and amass knowledge. Moreover, it is a great way to reduce screen time and make internet use productive.

Where To Buy Telescopes?

Telescopes gather light and show you bright images from far away. You can buy a great telescope at a good price from an offline store that carries amateur astronomy items. A toy store telescope is generally junk and you can hardly see anything with it from space. Moreover, decent telescope can help the newbie to chalk out a new hobby idea and maybe even make a career out of it. Most online stores carry good amateur grade telescopes. You can even get a good deal on them. Look for sale days and promotions to secure a good deal.

Telescopes Are The Window To The Universe
Telescopes Are The Window To The Universe

What To Look For When Buying Telescopes?

The solar system can become your child’s playground with a good telescope. The features that you should look for are a good quality optical system, a big aperture and a well-coated exterior. Look for a metal eye tube that is durable. Look for one that has a sturdy tripod too. A two-inch aperture should be enough for a child to look at celestial bodies at night and wildlife or sports in the day. You can gradually go up the ladder and buy better telescopes when she grows up or is ready.
You can get a decent starter telescope at about $50. The better ones would start at about $675. It is better to fix a budget before you venture out to shop. That way you will have a limit to your price and not go overboard, Search for the features you want and shop away!

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