Telescopes: How To Choose The Right One -

Telescopes: How To Choose The Right One

Telescopes: Choose The Right One

Are you a scientist? Maybe you are looking to buy the best telescope for your work. The key here is not just to buy a telescope. Rather, it is more about buying the right one. In this article, we will be talking all about the different kinds of telescopes to help you choose the best choice that suits your needs.

Telescopes: Choose The Right One
Telescopes: Choose The Right One

Reflecting Telescopes

Telescopes: Choose The Right One
Telescopes: Choose The Right One

By far, the most commonly used telescope is the reflecting telescope. It uses a large curved mirror to gather light and reflect it back through an eyepiece. This is the type of telescope that is used in the professional observatories. The reflecting telescope is so popular because it is relatively cheap. It can have a very large aperture, so it can help you see very faint objects. You can use it to see deep space objects such as the nebula and galaxies. However, these telescopes tend to be fairly large and bulky because of their large aperture.

Refracting Telescope

The refracting telescope is the telescope most often associated with astronomy. It was the first type of telescope made. It uses a set of lenses to collect and magnify the light of whatever you are looking at.

Large lenses are quite heavy and costly. With that, refracting telescopes cannot be expected to have good aperture.

However, refracting telescopes tend to have a much longer focal length. This large focal length allows them to magnify very well, making them an excellent tool for viewing bright, closer to home objects, such as the planets, comets, etc.

Refracting telescopes tend to be much easier to carry; this makes them a nice tool to have if you have to drive to get to good observing spots.

Refracting telescopes are a wonderful type of telescope, but you must be careful not to buy the cheap kinds as these can also have poor quality outputs.

A good refracting telescope will take a little out of your wallet, but it will be worth it.


The Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope is the most common type of hybrid. This means that it is a combination of both the refracting and reflecting telescope.

The Schmidt-Cassegrain is a mixture of a large aperture with a long focal length.

Since reflecting telescopes suffer from short focal lengths and refractors don’t have large apertures, this item seems almost too good to be true. It is real but there are some catches. Foremost, Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes can be much more expensive than the other types of telescopes.

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