Things You Need To Know About Star Maps


What Is A Star?

What are star maps? In answering that question, we need to know what a star is.

A star is a ball of massive gas mainly helium and hydrogen. It binds itself with the gravity of its own. The sun is also a star. It is the biggest of them all. You might remember a time when you just stare at the stars and wonder how it all works.

Some Facts About Star Maps
Some Facts About Star Maps

What Is A Star Map?

There are stars are visible to us while some are out of sight. When we look at the sky at night, we only see stars, but for scientists, the rocks that shine the darkness at night are called star maps.

Astronauts even use it to locate constellations and other stars. It helps in finding planets, galaxies, and additional space objects.

We also have a map of our own but unlike the kind of map that we are used to carrying in our hand, a star map is never fixed. It constantly changes from to time. It can also change depending on the location.

How Do The Star Maps Work?

For more than a thousand years, people have studied stars; they have divided it into grids to locate the galaxies, planets, and constellation. By using this map, we are able to navigate at night. However, it’s not child’s play to make a star map; it takes a lot of precision and understanding of galaxies and positions of the stars to create an outline.

In the map, the stars are shown in big circles although they are only visible to us as a tiny speck of light. One has to be familiar of the longitude, latitude, and the magnitude of the star to understand the maps.

Under the sky, the stars show hints of color. The emission of light is called a StarDome. The hottest stars glow with a bluish tone and can be up to five times the temperature of the sun’s surface. Little cooler stars appear white, and the yellow stars (like the Sun). Cooler stars appear in the colors of orange and red. Some stars are not visible to the naked eye and don’t shine bright enough to excite our eyes’ color receptors.

Some Facts About Star Maps
Some Facts About Star Maps

Uses Of Star Maps:

We now have technology that made navigation a whole easier. These days, with the use of your smartphone, you can tell where you are at the given moment.

But people didn’t have this luxury back in the days. So, they had to rely on star maps to tell them which way they should go next.